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Your everyday stylist - Mary Ola

We'd like to introduce you to Mary, our beloved 'volun-told' Brand Ambassador <3. Mary has been a key supporter of Tignon since day one! You may have even seen her at our booths helping you select the perfect wrap for your collection. 

You may have also noticed that Mary has a clear eye for fashion. She's not one to shy away from trying unconventional pairings but she also loves her classic chic looks. 

When asked to pair our wraps with an outfit, she came up with these looks! Tell us what you think!


Tignon: Kacey

Who are you?

Mary Kehinde Ola, your everyday stylist. I'm a vibrant 27-year-old navigating the perils of transitioning into a fully functional, responsible adult.

Tignon: Leysa

What about fashion excites you?

That fashion can be used as a medium; we can use it to express ourselves and also use it as a form of communication. On a more personal note, it allows me to explore multiple identities and personas. How I look is always intentional and tends to stem from how I am feeling at the time.  Fashion allows me to reinvent myself, or even create a whole new person, just for one day. Clothes tell their own stories about us. Some days I want to present as professional, some days expressive and creative, or flirty and cute. The excitement comes into play when I try to use the same pieces to convey these very different qualities.

Tignon: Nailah

Explain your personal style

My personal style tends to be a combination of comfortable, feminine, polished and experimental. I don't like being uncomfortable in my clothes, whether this is because they are too tight, too long or too loose. I don't believe clothes have to be uncomfortable or conscientious just to fit into a trend or to look a certain way. To that end, I tend to wear more pants, dresses, and skirts as opposed to denim. I use the word ‘polished because I also do not believe in track pants, hoodies or running shoes as clothing; to me, these items belong in the gym. My "uniform" tends to be a high waisted bottom with a crop top — can never go wrong with that combination.

Tignon: Sol

What thoughts on fashion to do hope to convey to others?

That fashion isn't determined by your wallet, body type or even current trends. It's about expressing yourself in a way that speaks to and reveals the multiple aspects of yourself.


Tignon: Green Dashiki and Leysa 

Want to see more of Mary's take on fashion? Follow her Instagram page @Rk.Ola 


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